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Hinterland Hack


60 tech talents will solve 6 real industry challenges at Founders Foundation in Bielefeld and develop a solution in less than 48 hours.
The teams will present their results at a designated Solution Day, where prizes of up to 5,000€ can be won. The overall winner is invited to join the next batch of the Startup School by the Founders Foundation.

Share your industrial challenge and benefit from young talents who will bring your corporate challenge to a new level.


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Challenges solved at Hinterland Hack 2022

Intelligent energy management system for an optimal use of renewable energy

Develop an energy management system that intelligently combines our operations and the consumption of renewable energy. Take into consideration when electricity is needed and at what point it is best to produce using renewable energy. Come up with a solution to forecast energy consumption in the production, facility and logistic management to combine ecology and economic factors.

From matching algorithm to dream job in a technology company – How can a skill-based fit of job profile and candidate be achieved with the help of AI?

We are looking for a self-learning solution that enables us to match the skills and interests of candidates/(potential) applicants with our jobs in such a way that we use the skills and competencies in the right place/at the right time/at the right position. Develop a skill-based matchmaking solution and help us to revolutionize the application process.

Build a group-wide knowledge management platform which fosters collaboration with employees that do not have a digital company affiliation

This challenge has two parts. First to build a solution for the digital affiliation of the employees in the production plants and secondly the development of a knowledge management platform that bundles and constantly expands all the knowledge of the group. Keep in mind that we are an international group with different cultural backgrounds, coming from a very traditional environment, and are only at the beginning of a deep cultural change.

Help 20% of the german adult population to understand their risks as pre-diabetics and guide them to healthy habits reducing the risk of medical interventions for type 2 diabetics.

Prototype a scalable solution for that moment a patient is diagnosed with pre-diabetes.
How can you solve the uncertainty, gain trust and deliver guidance towards a potential cure by adapting to healthy habits in daily life?

Build an interactive collaboration platform for construction sites.

GOLDBECK employees want to be able to manage, describe and assign tasks together in an agile manner. In addition, everyone should be able to access the same plans, enable daily routines, oversee the status of work and manage subcontractors. The solutions should provide users with open work packages (backlog) and their current status. Feedback and a satisfaction scale for subcontractors should also be clearly visible to all project participants.

Expansion of after-market activities of medium-sized manufacturers

Increasing product demands and a lack of global resources for the provision of after-market services pose challenges for medium-sized manufacturers in particular. Support must be provided along the entire product life cycle. A suitable solution should also take into account the differentiation from the competition as a component supplier.

Develop a digital shopping solution for prescription drugs

Build a solution to minimise the current breaks in the patient journey. How can a digital solution for patients/customers look like that enables the steps „attention“, „doctor’s appointment“, „doctor’s visit“, „prescription dispensing“ and „pharmacy purchase“ to merge as uniformly & efficiently as possible?

Join as a hacker

Transform, digitize and develop the challenges from leading Hinterland companies.

Get in touch with high class mentors, investors & entrepreneurs who will be your sparring partners.

Network, mingle and celebrate entrepreneurship within 48h of hacking.

Enjoy free drinks and food during the whole weekend.

Take the opportunity and apply to take advantage of the full hack experience and sleep in our Founders Home during the weekend.


Hack in the best location in Bielefeld – at our Founders Home!

Enjoy the entire weekend on our roof terrace above the rooftops of Bielefeld and let our Founders Foundation Chef Max spoil you with culinary delights.
Experience the incredible atmosphere and come with us on this journey. Because we believe in the power of intercultural connections, making memories and meeting new people.

Benefit from the bundled high-level know-how on site

Mentors from the start-up scene and industry, experts from the companies and the Founders Foundation team are your sparring partners so that you learn all the necessary methods to develop a business model.
Our Hack Mentors will bring out the best in you by exchanging ideas, coaching sessions and trainings.

Make a sustainable contribution to the economy

Work together as a team to develop a unique solution for your challenge. Validate it and prove that you have what it takes to develop a successful business model. All our challenges come from leading Hinterland companies. Transform, digitize and develop them.

Celebrate entrepreneurship #together

Celebrate entrepreneurship with us on site and in person at the Founders Foundation – the heart of OWL’s startup scene. Experience the incredible atmosphere and come with us on this journey. We believe in the power of intercultural connections, making memories and meeting new people.



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