Hinterland of Things TICKET LOTTERY

Please fill out the form below until June 9, 2024, 23:59pm to enter the Hinterland of Things ticket lottery! The lucky winners will be contacted and announced on Monday, June 10.



A free ticket for this year’s Hinterland of Things Conference at June 13th in Bielefeld. This free ticket includes access to all areas for the whole day: Hinterland Stage, Founders Stage, Exhibition, Food and Drink Area. In addition we offer some Masterclasses, information will follow. The complete day you can use the city-busses and trams for free.

The ticket lottery is organized by the Founders Foundation gGmbH and holds full responsibility.

This ticket lottery is exclusively available for every person contacted via email on June 10, 2024 as part of a special offer.

Participation is possible until June 9, 2024, 23:59pm.

You can take part by filling out the form on this landingpage.

The winner will be drawn at random from all participants.

The winners will be contacted and announced on June 10.

The winners will be notified and contacted via email, which is why it is extremely important to submit a valid email adress.

Bielefeld, Germany

5 June 2024