For innovators, disruptors, and visionaries in the technology sector, the Hinterland of Things Conference emerges as the pivotal arena for those at the forefront of digital transformation. Tailored for tech professionals, developers, and decision-makers shaping the future of educational technology, this event is your portal to the next wave of EdTech breakthroughs.

Revolution of the education Market

From playful learning apps to virtual in-house trainings and personalized learning paths: The education market is currently in transition. EdTechs are changing the view on lifelong learning. And they are facing a market that promises huge growth potential in the future. Find out why this is the case and who can benefit from it.

Rapid investment and the first Unicorn

The rise of digital education post-pandemic has made EdTech a priority for both educational institutions and companies. In Germany, there’s been a surge in EdTech deals, with a funding peak of €360 million in 2022. The Viennese startup GoStudent, offering online tutoring, became the first German-speaking EdTech unicorn. NRW has emerged as a hotspot, hosting over 140 EdTech startups. This growth underscores the long-term significance of EdTech in shaping the future of education, as highlighted by recent political initiatives like the 2023 Program for Social Innovation.


The shortage of skilled workers is already one of the biggest problems facing the German economy. And it is getting worse: without countermeasures, the German labor market could lose around seven million people by 2035. Rarely have companies been so compelled to invest in their existing personnel structure. With the help of EdTech solutions, they can optimize their training offerings and close skills gaps more quickly. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has not only become firmly established in society, but also in the education system. Writing essays, solving complex problems or writing programming codes – AI tools are already part of everyday life for students and employees. Teachers and coaches are also under increasing pressure to get to grips with the possibilities. And for good reason, because the potential is huge: AI applications can, for example, correct errors during a task and provide suggestions for improvement. A completely new learning experience. While schools and universities are still shying away, companies can hardly do without the possibilities.

The changing world of work is increasingly focusing on the importance of reskilling and upskilling. The keyword: lifelong learning. This is because technological progress is accompanied by new job profiles that constantly require new qualifications. It is crucial to identify needs at an early stage and provide suitable offerings. EdTech solutions offer a wide range of learning concepts that serve a wide variety of niches and respond flexibly to changing requirements.

The shortage of teachers is also becoming more acute in schools. According to the Conference of Education Ministers, Germany would need around 25,000 additional employees by next year alone. Added to this are the deficits in digitalization that have been criticized for years. The consequence: never before have German schools performed as poorly as in the current Pisa study. Innovative teaching concepts not only meet the contemporary needs of pupils, but can also relieve the pressure on scarce staff in the administration of lessons. 

EdTech has the potential to fundamentally change the education market – a transformation that is urgently needed: while the problems of the school system are manifesting themselves in ever poorer performance, the shortage of skilled workers is increasingly slowing down the growth of many companies. More efficient learning concepts can counteract these trends. The use of AI in particular will offer completely new scope here in the future. As a result of the high demand, there is a huge opportunity for both start-ups and investors to benefit from the enormous growth potential of the coming years. At Hinterland of Things 2024, we will address all of these questions in detail, including the specific opportunities and challenges the market still faces.


This year we have a curated selection of EdTech speakers that will rapidly change the world of education in Germany. From challenges to opportunities.


CEO & Founder @ Masterplan.com


Founder & CEO @ TAIWA


CEO & Co-Founder @ cleverly.de


CEO & Co-Founder @ Empion



Structural challenges in education demand digital solutions, marking a robust, crisis-resistant trend in the EdTech market. Investments in this sector are becoming safer as education remains a constant need, and the risk diminishes with successful market entry by start-ups. Digital education models can scale rapidly once proven, with software-as-a-service models expanding quickly across schools, universities and companies enhancing investor profitability.

Mittelstand & Corporates

Major German companies like VW, Siemens, and Deutsche Bahn are leveraging EdTech to modernize training, a necessity to remain competitive and address workforce changes due to demographic shifts and evolving job requirements. The integration of AI and tailored learning strategies has been key, allowing for personalized training across various skills, from IT to emotional intelligence.  The Hinterland of Things 2024 event presents a platform for networking with over 20 EdTech innovators, providing companies and investors early access to the latest educational technologies within our Startup Exhibition.


The demand for innovative educational concepts and the advanced capabilities of EdTechs are driving significant market changes, with start-ups playing a crucial role. The B2B sector, in particular, has seen strong growth, exemplified by startups like Edyoucated, which has secured major clients such as BASF and Deutsche Bahn with its AI-based personalized learning tools. EdTech solutions are also becoming staples in the B2C sector, continuing to grow despite financial challenges. The pandemic underscored EdTech’s potential, with investments reaching over 17 billion euros in 2021, triple the pre-crisis amount. Although investment volumes have dipped, deal numbers remain high, suggesting a robust interest. Startups should seize this opportunity now.


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A selected menu about topics that really matter


Industrial technology is a rapidly evolving field, offering significant opportunities in automation and robotics, which enhance efficiency and create new roles in system design and maintenance.


The surge in green initiatives and policies worldwide is fueling demand for climate tech, offering vast opportunities for entrepreneurs and researchers.


The intersection of productivity and AI is a dynamic and transformative area, marked by AI-driven solutions that enhance efficiency and decision-making in various sectors.


The era of educational technology has revolutionized learning by integrating digital tools and AI, making education more accessible, personalized, and engaging. This transformation, however, faces challenges like the digital divide and demands continuous adaptation from educators and institutions.

Bielefeld, Germany

5 June 2024