January 30, 2024 | 6:00 PM

Founders Foundation | Obernstraße 50 | 33602 Bielefeld

Ransomware Recover

The rising cybercrime threat demands heightened vigilance and effective defenses

The EU’s NIS 2 Directive aims to fortify resilience against cyber attacks and secure EU businesses. Cyberattacks have surged across industries, inflicting severe economic damage. NIS 2 must be adopted by late 2024, broadening its reach in German law to encompass about 30,000 companies. Ransomware attacks are a grave concern in today’s digital landscape. Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a victim is crucial. Incorporating disaster recovery (DR) into business continuity plans is essential for uninterrupted operations during crises. Join our detailed workshop to master disaster recovery strategies, fortify business continuity, and expedite recovery after emergencies and disruptions.


David Weyand

Senior Manager, Cloud Solution Architect, CEMEA, VMware Cloud


5:30 PM
6:00 PM
Greeting including introduction of topics
6:30 PM
Interactive Deep Dive Workshop „Be prepared for an emergency“ – a strong defense is not only preventive. No, it is also clearly damage control
8:30 PM
Presentation of measures and open discussion
9:15 PM
Dinner & Drinks

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