Agenda #Hinterland24

Check out our thoughtfully curated lineup featuring more than 100 speakers across 2 stages. Each speaker offers a fresh perspective and insight into some of the most critical issues of our time.


9.00 AM | Opening

Let’s Go Beyond! 🇬🇧

Anna-Luisa Korte

Director Brand & Content @ Founders Foundation

Simon Brakhage

Direktor Hinterland of Things @ Founders Foundation

9.05 AM | Keynote

Heartbeat of the Hinterland 🇩🇪

Dominik Groß

CEO & Co-Founder @ Founders Foundation

09.15 AM | Fireside Chat

Becoming Startup Nation Germany 🇩🇪

Verena Pausder

Vorstandsvorsitzende @ Startup Verband

Janna Linke



9.35 AM | Panel

Fostering the Innovation Potential of a Vivid and Diverse Society 🇩🇪

Gülsah Wilke

Investor @ DN Capital / Mitgründer 2hearts

Zarah Bruhn

CEO & Founder @ Socialbee

Brigitte Mohn

Mitglied des Vorstandes @ Bertelsmann Stiftung

Tina Dreimann

Founder & MD @ Better Ventures

Antonia Götsch

Havard Business Manager


10.00 AM | Fireside Chat

Beyond Success: How to Develop Disruptive Business Models 🇩🇪

Hakan Koc

Founder & CEO @ 1Global

Hannah Schwär



10.20 Uhr | Panel

How to Find the Workforce of the Future and Build a Modern Company Culture 🇩🇪

Frauke von Polier

CPO @ Viessmann

Annika von Mutius

Co-Founder & CEO @ Empion

Florian Gontek



10.45 Uhr | Impuls

Inspiration: the Hidden Superpower for Employees, Companies and Society

Martin Böhringer

CEO & Co-Founder @ Staffbase

10.55 Uhr | Panel

Enhancing Employee Engagement: the Intersection of Culture, Technology, and Leadership 🇩🇪

Martin Böhringer

Co-Founder & CEO @ Staffbase

Nina Koch

Direktor Kundenerfolgszentrum Europa @ Slack

Kerstin Hochmüller

CEO @ Marantec Gruppe

Sarah Heuberger

Manager Magazin


11.20 – 11.35 Uhr

Networking Break

11.35 Uhr | Impuls

Using AI to Solve Important Problems in Old Industries 🇬🇧

Daniel Khachab

CEO @ Choco

11.45 Uhr | Fireside Chat

Igniting the Next Phase for Software Companies 🇩🇪

Daniel Khachab

CEO @ Choco

Marcos Raiser do Ó

Head of DACH & CEE @ Stripe

Simon Brakhage

Founders Foundation


12.05 Uhr | Impuls

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Everything… 🇩🇪

Miriam Meckel

Co-Founder & Executive Chairwoman @ Ada

Léa Steinacker

Co-Founder & Executive Chairwoman @ Ada

12.15 Uhr | Fireside Chat

…and the Benefits for Traditional Companies 🇩🇪

Miriam Meckel

Co-Founder & Executive Chairwoman @ Ada

Léa Steinacker

Co-Founder & Executive Chairwoman @ Ada

Uwe Jean Heuser

Die Zeit


12.35 Uhr | Keynote

„Cloud Horizons“ Why Speed of Innovation Matters for Successful Transformations

Andrea Ketzer

Director Technology Strategy, Automotive & Manufacturing @ AWS

12.45 Uhr | Panel

Trailblazing Innovations: Transformation Strategies in a Rapidly Changing World

Andrea Ketzer

Director Technology Strategy, Automotive & Manufacturing @ AWS

Jan Tönnißen

Leiter der Abteilung Digitale Technologien @ Bayer AG

Annette Weisbach



13.10 Uhr – 14.00 Uhr | Pause


14.00 Uhr | Keynote

Behind the Tech Scene in 2024 🇬🇧

Pip Klöckner

Investor & Advisor / Podcasthost @ Doppelgänger

14.30 Uhr | Panel

Traction, Trust & Tradition: The Heart of B2B Entrepreneurship 🇩🇪

Jan Hendrik Goldbeck

CEO & MD @ Goldbeck

Frank Seidensticker

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter @ Seidensticker

Carsten Coesfeld

CEO Bertelsmann Investments & Member of the Executive Board

Thorsten Giersch



14.55 Uhr | Panel

Inside the 2024 Venture Capital Landscape 🇬🇧

Carsten Salling

General Partner @ Dreamcraft

Marie Helene Ametsreiter

General Partner @ Speedinvest

Florian Heinemann

Gründungspartner @ Project A Ventures

Nadine Schimroszik



15:20 Uhr | Panel

Universities as Gamechangers for Entrepreneurship in Germany: How to Leverage our Academical Landscape 🇩🇪

Frédéric du Bois-Reymond

Partner @ Earlybird-X

Thomas Neumann

Leiter der KIT Gründerschmiede @ KIT

Johannes Velling

Direktor Digitalisierung Startups @ MWIKE

Thomas Bachem

Founder & MD @ CODE University

Lisa Ksienrzyk



15.45 Uhr | Panel

A(I) New World: Keeping Up in a Technified Society 🇩🇪

Judith Peterka

KI-Expertin Bund

Elisabeth L'Orange

CCO & Founder @ Oxolo

Florian Nielsen

Director AI & Data @ Miele

Maximilian Sachse



16.10 UHR – 16.40 UHR

Networking Break

16:40 Uhr | Panel

The Responsibility of Family Business Values in a Modern World 🇩🇪

Florian Nöll

Partner | EMEA Startups, Scaleups & Venturing Leader @ PWC

Heiner Lang

CEO @ Wago

Vanessa Weber

CEO @ Werkzeug Weber

Wilhelm Böllhoff

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter @ Böllhoff

Georg Meck



17:05 | Fireside Chat

Enhancing Competitiveness for Family Businesses: Corporate Venturing Beyond the Core Business and Business Model 🇩🇪

Andreas Sennheiser

CEO @ Sennheiser

Anja Müller



17.30 Uhr | Pitches

Out Of The Box Final Pitches 🇩🇪 🇬🇧

17.40 Uhr | Zeremonie

Out Of The Box 2024 Award Ceremony 🇬🇧

17:50 Uhr | Keynote

Beyond Borders: AI & Tech Opportunities in the German Ecosystem 🇩🇪

Sascha Lobo

Media & AI Expert

6.20 UHR


Céline Flores Willers


Dan Ram


7.00 PM



9.30 AM | Keynote

Rebuilding Europe’s Strength

Frank Thelen

CEO & Founder @ Freigeist Capital

9.45 AM | Opening

Opening Out Of The Box

Farina Schurzfeld



Jan Thomas

Startup Insider


9.55 Uhr | Pitches

Out Of The Box Pitches

10.25 AM


10.35 AM | Pitches

Out Of The Box Pitches

11.05 AM | Keynote + Abstimmungen

Storytelling Strategies for Tech Innovations: How to Build Trust and Drive Growth

Tilo Bonow

Founder & CEO @ PIABO Communications

11.20 AM | Final

Out Of The Box Final 3 Announcement

11.30 Uhr | Fireside Chat

The Entrepreneurship Rollercoaster: Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur 🇩🇪

Miriam Wohlfarth

Co-Founder & Co-CEO @ Banxware

Solveig Rathenow

Business Insider


11:55 Uhr | Expertengespräch

Commercial Energy Storage Systems as a Catalyst for the Energy Transition 🇬🇧

David Oudsandji

CEO & Co-Founder @ Voltfang

Philip Specht



12.15 Uhr | Panel

How Can Germany Become the EdTech Leader in Europe? 🇬🇧

Elisa Hertzler

Founder & CEO @ Peers Solution

Stefan Peukert

Founder & CEO @ Masterplan

Dawa Phillips

Founder & CEO @ TAIWA

Isabell Gardt

OMR Education


12.40 Uhr | Panel

Scalability in Highly Regulated Environments 🇬🇧

Anna Kouparanis

Mitgründer @ Bloomwell

Maybrit Martschin



12.55 Uhr | Keynote

Building the Future of Customer Insights

Max Honig

CEO @ Appinio

13:10 Uhr

Lunch Break

13:30 Uhr | Panel

State of the Market – New Dynamics in Early Stage Investing 🇩🇪

Rouven Dresselhaus

Co-Founder & MP @ Cavalry

Jan Lozek

Co-Founder & MD @ Future Energy Ventures

Eva-Valérie Gfrerer

CEO & Founder @ Morphais

Jan Thomas

Startup Insider


13:55 Uhr | Panel

Back to the Roots: Using the Power of Nature to Tackle the Climate Crisis 🇬🇧

Benedikt Bösel

Farmer & MD @ Gut&Bösel

Nina Mannheimer

Co-Founder & CPO @ Klim

Trutz von der Trenck

CEO @ greenaccount

René Klein

Für Gründer


14:20 Uhr | Fireside Chat

Heavy Metal: Can Circularity Fuel the Supply Chains? 🇩🇪

Jan Pannenbäcker

Co-Founder & Co-CEO @ Metaloop

Tilo Bonow

PIABO Kommunikation


14.40 Uhr | Panel

Discover Technology, Accelerate Innovation: Startup-Corporate Collaborations through VC Investment 🇩🇪

Christoph Berner

Gründer @ Cusuno

Dr. Fabian Kracht

Founder & MD @ mesakumo

Christian Buchenau



15.00 Uhr

Solve for Tomorrow – Startup Demo Days by Samsung with Biosheets, AnyCharge & Speech-to-Health 🇩🇪







15:15 Uhr | Impuls

Founder Series: Navigating Competition and Collaboration in Europe’s Tech Ecosystem 🇬🇧

Valerie Bures

Partner @ Xange

15:25 Uhr | Expertengespräch

Entrepreneurship: Impact and Commitment 🇬🇧

Magdalena Oehl

Mitgründer @ Talentrocket

Valerie Bures

Partner @ Xange

Gesa Miczaika

General Partner @ Auxxo

Antonia Munte

Maxima Kommunikation


15:50 Uhr | Panel

Pioneering a Techno-Optimistic Vision for the Mittelstand 🇩🇪

Jan Reichelt

Founding Partner & GP @ 10x Founders

Gregor Kolls

CEO @ Filics

Charlotte Kufus

Mitgründer @ Flank

Julia Stoetzel

Junicorn Beratung


16.10 Uhr | Panel

An Empowering Alliance: The Impact of Future Education 🇩🇪

Fredrik Harkort

Founder & CEO @ Cleverly

Dr. Ninon Latzitis

Director HR Operations and Occupational Health MGT @ Allianz

Sophia Tran

Spotlight! Unternehmungen


16.30 Uhr | Panel

The Healthtech Revolution: How Innovative Technology will Transform our Health and Lives 🇬🇧

Alona Kharchenko

Co-Founder & CTO @ Devanthro

Farina Schurzfeld

Gründer @ AndRobin

David Reger

CEO & Founder @ Neura Robotics

Lena Waltle



16:50 Uhr Fireside Chat

 Fostering Mittelstand: AI Startups Boosting Traditional Companies 🇩🇪

Isabel Poppek

CEO & Co-Founder @ Alpas AI

Lena Weirauch

CEO & Co-Founder @ AI-Omatic

Pascal Salmen

Co-Founder & MD @ Acto

Greta Buschhaus

Florida Factual


17:10 Uhr | Keynote

Vision Lab: Scaling Chances 🇬🇧

Ben Wilkening

Partner @ Earlybird Visionlab

Cassie Yusofi

Co-Founder & CEO @ Aimars

Shuhrat Ashurov

Mitgründer @ Randevu

17.25 Uhr | Expertengespräch

How to Increase Efficiency within Corporate Innovation Projects 🇩🇪

Johannes Müller

CEO @ Workpath


CEO @ Haufe Group Ventures

Sonia Amend



17.45 Uhr | Keynote

Real Talk on Sustainability and Social Engagement

Michael Fritz

Co-Founder & Activist @ Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.

18.00 UHR


Céline Flores Willers




7.00 PM

Aftershow Party


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Zimmer 1

9.45 AM

The Best AI is just another Cost if it is not Used. Drive with Integration, Adoption and Governance.

Martin Kraft


10.45 AM

Closing the Gap between HR and CEO

Jannis Neunecker


11.45 AM

Productivity with Slack – and how Vorwerk Digital R&D Benefits from it

Manuel Koch


12.45 PM

Startup Pitch Karaoke presented by Viva con Agua x BRYCK

1.45 PM

The IPO Dream – Thinking Big in Germany!?

Wiebke Hörisch

Rothschild & Co


Rothschild & Co

2.45 PM

Driving Digital Supply Chain with Data & AI. The Amazon Way.

Hector Ibarra


3.45 PM

From Tradition to New Business: With GenKI and New Business Models to Growth in Family and Industrial Companies

Thies Hoffmann


Henrike Luszick


Christian Zipp

Weber Group

Magnus Deiss

Zimmer 2

9.45 AM

The 7 Most Expensive Mistakes in Negotiations – Lessons Learned from EUR 27 Billion Deal Volume per Year

Katharina Weber


10.45 AM

Super Organizations: How Artificial Intelligence in SMEs will Create New Global Leaders with Efficiency at their Core

Markus Peter


Alex Leuchte


11.45 AM

Automate to Accelerate: Mastering Meta’s AI Ad Aolutions to Scale Up Your Business

Nora Usunjan


12.45 PM

AI in Marketing: You Should have Tried this Out in 2024

Sarah Brunswig

OMR Education

Patrick Klingberg

OMR Education

1.45 PM

Business Ecosystems: How to Navigate Tomorrow’s Corporate Innovation Challenges

Alexander Rösch


Katharina Götzen


Prof. Julian Kawohl


2.45 PM

From Products to People: How KNAUBER has Mastered the Journey from Product Focus to Digital Customer Journey

Andrea Müller


Ulf Valentin



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Zimmer 9

10.00 AM

More Productivity and Greater Employee Satisfaction with AI

11.00 AM

Sell Software Successfully in 2024

Julius Göllner


12.00 PM

Startups and Social Background: What Shapes and Drives Founders

14.00 Uhr

Digital Transformation in SMEs – How to Optimize your Customer Journey with Innovative Payment Systems

15.00 Uhr

Deep Dive into IPO Preparation

4.00 PM

Way to Cloud Native, Inspired by Kärcher – From Automation to Intelligent Factories

Benjamin Hermann


Jens Greiner

Zimmer 10

10 Uhr


11 Uhr

Circularity in Business: How Can we Capitalize on Waste?

12 Uhr


14 Uhr

Use of the Blockchain Technology for the Digitalisation of Business Models

15 Uhr

AI in Family Businesses: The Entry into the Future

16 Uhr

Sustainable Management: Interactive Fishbowl Workshop on Sustainable Corporate Development

Zimmer 11

10 Uhr

Changemaker – The Influence of Business Angels on Local Startup Ecosystems

Max-Kasper von Sandrart


Oliver Flaskämper

Priorität AG

Nadine Trautwein

Jäger International

Marek Lehmann

Burkhard Peters

11 Uhr

The Future with Tradition: AI-based Business Models in Family Businesses

Isabel Aufrecht

Dr. Jonas Soluk

12 Uhr

Stratosfare – Venture Clienting Made in OWL

14 Uhr

Digital Visibility in Crazy times –
From 0 to 10,000 or How to Play through LinkedIn

Johannes Mailänder

15 Uhr

From Theory to Practice: Empowering AI in Corporate Learning with Schueco, chunkx & Goldbeck

16 Uhr


Zimmer 5

9.45 Uhr

Investor AMA Session with Paul von Hinueber from Redstone

10.45 Uhr

Investor AMA Session with Nils Richter from Allygatr and Ziaf Rehman from Delin Ventures

13.45 Uhr

Investor AMA Session with Marie-Sophie Ando from Vorwerk Ventures

14.45 Uhr

Investor AMA Session with Konstantin Urban from G-Fund and Jesse Jeng from Scalehouse Capital


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10 Uhr

Guided Tour: IHK Ostwestfalen 🇩🇪

11 Uhr

Expedition: SME meets startup ecosystem 🇩🇪

11.30 Uhr

Guided Tour: Startup meets Corporate 🇩🇪

12 Uhr

Guided Tour: Tradition meets Tech 🇬🇧

13.45 Uhr

Guided Tour: Let’s meet Female Founder by Fast & Curious Circle OWL 🇩🇪

14.30 Uhr

Guided Tour: Hinterland Alliance 🇩🇪

15.30 Uhr

Guided Tour: IHK Ostwestfalen 🇩🇪


15 – 17 Uhr

Beautiful Minds for Future

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Hosts Francesca Seidensticker and Jannis Johannmeier & their team from “The Trailblazers” are creating the Wonderland for Beautiful Minds at Hinterland. From exactly 3 pm to 5 pm, the truly unique BLAZERS BOUNTY will take place for the first time at Hinterland! The Trailblazers will be celebrating not a program, but a genuine experience with 80 selected participants. IMPORTANT: Ticket holders of the conference can and must apply for this. Otherwise admission is not possible! No entrance or exit except for toilets. And this experience will be filled with really great people, an extraordinary landscape, real experiences and lots of acts that have nothing to do with the here and now. The Trailblazers bring together selected and unexpected ingredients in the Wonderland of the Hinterland that the future of the future needs. It’s all about the fascination of a Bounty Land, which is also possible here in the heart of East Westphalia. From inspiring impulses to art, music, show & nature paired with the best drinks including a crazy food journey… in these two hours there is a concentrated load of Blazers spirit. More Wonderland is not possible! And all it takes is the RIGHT people. If you want to be part of it – apply to Francesca and Jannis & experience an absurd symbiosis of energy, will for the future, courage, creativity and the unexpected.